The board has been monitoring the progression of the COVID-19 virus and would like to send out the following announcement.

Due to our large demographics we recommend you refer to the local guidelines from the health officials since our country has varying degrees of infection.

Hosts will be responsible to determine whether they should continue with an event. We recommend hosts offer competitors the ability to cancel their entries and provide either a refund or a credit toward a future event, however the handling of this situation will be left to the host club. 

Should a host decide to cancel an event due to COVID-19, CARO will offer a credit for your application fees to go against a future trial. No refunds will be offered at this time.

We encourage host clubs to hire a judge locally where possible to avoid travel. Judges are permitted to cancel their judging assignment due to concern over COVID-19 when cancelation is directly related to bans on travel made by their employers.  No one can afford a 14 day quarantine. If you cannot find a local judge then the host will have to consider canceling or postponing the event.


As we move closer to the AGM we will make an announcement on how we intend to proceed. The Board of Directors will make an announcement at a later date. 


To prevent the spread of COVID-19 please consider the following:

Wash your hands often throughout the day. Do not touch your face with your hands. 

Do not ask anyone to hold your dog, leash or collar.

Do not ask people to use your phone to record your run, transfer at a distance using airdrop or some other means. 

If you feel unwell, don’t attend! 

If you have travelled within 14 days please consider not attending.

Have lots of paper towels, soap and hand sanitizer available in the washrooms and around the event.

Apply social distancing protocols to decrease the likelihood of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Social distancing measures include avoiding large gatherings and minimizing close personal contact with individuals. 


World Health Organization Update

As you may have heard, (WHO) has declared COVID-19 virus an international pandemic. Note this announcement applies to the international community as a whole, and different regions around the world may face different levels of threat. 


For ongoing updates and news related to COVID-19, please access the websites below:



·       World Health Organization

·       Public Health Canada

Infection Prevention and Control Canada



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