June 2021 Virtual Trial Wrap


Posted June 24, 2021 on behalf of Barb Burgess, Treasurer

CARO’s 2nd Virtual Trial has wrapped up. Big thanks to our judges - Sheila Gibbons, Nicole Wiebe, Ayoka Bubar, Julia Sc, Patricia Hunt, Debby DaCosta, Sarah-Jane Brenner-Petti, Sarah Hughes and Kelly Ladouceur - for reviewing so many videos and providing their comments and advice. I will endeavour to get the results input and certificates sent out by the end of July. And thank you to all of you who entered and had fun with your dogs!!

For those who had challenges with the entry forms, building courses, getting your dog to focus in new environments, recording and uploading videos; you are now on the clock…..you have 3 months to practice and iron out the kinks. The next CARO virtual trial will run September 22 to October 4, 2021. Stay tuned for details over the summer.

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