Update on CARO Elections 2022


Posted August 2, 2022

Hope you are all doing well! Your Election Committee is hard at work preparing the next steps of these elections. We have received all your nominations and would like to announce the following people will be joining the board on October 1, 2022, by acclamation:
Verlaine Murphy as Treasurer
Marjory Bird as Chairperson
Kimberly Masiak as the Regional Director of the Prairies
Vania Richardson as the Regional Director of Ontario
Julia Schwark as the Regional Director of the Western provinces
Chantelle Charlebois as the Regional Director of the Eastern provinces
We officially have an election for the position of Executive Member At Large, since Barb Burgess and Emma Bell were both nominated for the position!
You will soon receive an email from CARO with the instructions for voting to select our next Executive Member At Large.
Congratulations to all acclaimed people, let's send them a warm welcome!
Maria Adams and Alexandra McGowan, your election committee

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