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Code of Ethics

  1. As a member of Canadian Association of Rally Obedience (CARO), I will treat all dogs with respect.
  2. All Members should make positive methods of training an integral part of the training methods.
  3. All Members should practice good sportsmanship both in and out of the Rally ring.
  4. Members are encouraged to provide assistance to others.
  5. Professional Members should refrain from criticizing other professionals in their field.
  6. Professional Members should stay current with the CARO rules and regulations.
  7. No member shall represent himself or herself as an official CARO spokesperson without prior approval of the Board of Directors.
  8. The practice of choking, hanging, beating, kicking and all similar cruel procedures causing physical harm to the dog are inconsistent with humane dog training. These methods represent a serious violation of ethical conduct and will not be tolerated. Members found guilty of these practices will have their memberships revoked and will be banned from participating in Rally Obedience trials.

Members are required to sign an undertaking that they will abide by the Code of Ethics