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Sponsorship Program

The board is pleased to announce that there will be 4 intakes a year for sponsorship to allow clubs more opportunity to apply.  Applications will be accepted until mid month in March, June, Sept., and December.  Applications can be made before the cut off date but will not be reviewed until after that date.    For June this year we are extending the intake date to June 22 to allow clubs a few extra days to get their applications done due to the late notification    The application form can be found on the website under Trials / Trial Forms.

Working Virtual Trial

The premium for the first of four Working Virtual Trials is now available.

This trial runs July 1 to 15, 2024.  See the Virtual Trial page for more information:




Executive Member at Large Announcement

The Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Val Archibald to the position of Executive Member at Large!  For the remainder of the term, Val will fill the position left vacant when Barb Burgess accepted the Vice Chairperson role.

Val is located in Ontario and is an active participant in CARO Rally and Working.  She can be reached at 


Championship Titles effective Jan 2025

CARO is pleased to announce the CARO Rally Grand Master Title.  The titling structure for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Master Champion titles has been updated to better incorporate the Versatility and Versatility Excellent levels into the requirements.  

The new structure, effective January 1, 2025 is:

For those working towards Bronze, Silver, Gold and Master Champion titles, a grandfathering period until Dec 31, 2025 will allow these titles to be completed under the current structure.


Summer 2024 Working Expert Virtual Trial

As announced last year, the current Individual titles provided at the Expert level and up will be streamlined to a title being issued for each 5 exercises as is done in Rooke and Elite.
In order to provide those already in the process of earning individual bronze, silver and gold titles more chances to complete them, CARO will be hosting a Working Expert Virtual Trial running July 1 to August 31.  Entries will only be accepted for exercises at the Expert level.  In person Working trials will be allowed during this time as there would not be any move ups.
Please watch for the premium later in May 2024.

Jump Lines

April 9, 2024:  An amendment has just been passed. The distance line from the jump to the handler line is not required. No deduction will be incurred if the line is used.


Working Prerequisites for Moving Up

In Working, when a higher class was entered before the prerequisite lower class Qs had been earned, the required Q at the lower class was credited by using the higher class Q.  This will no longer be allowed so please ensure you have earned the prerequisites before moving up.

The rule in the current Working Handbook page 10 section 2.6.12 will be enforced:  Once a team has earned the required 3 passes under a minimum of two different judges for an exercise, they are qualified to move up to the next class for that exercise.  

Spring 2024 Virtual Trial Premium

The premium for the Spring 2024 Virtual Trial has been posted to the Virtual Trial page.

Entries will be open from April 8 at 6:00 am PDT to April 9 at 6:00 pm PDT. Entries are not limited so please take your time completing your entry and ensure everything is correct.

Dogs must be registered with CARO by April 4, 2024 in order to participate in the Spring 2024 Virtual Trial. You must have a 2024 membership by April 4, 2024 in order to qualify for the member discount.


Working Exercises Update

In response to the overwhelming feedback to the Working Exercises survey, the Board of Directors has decided to postpone the addition of any new exercises at this time.  This project will be re-visited once projects currently in development are completed and a more comprehensive survey can be sent to the membership.

Emailed Trial Results

Effective immediately, CARO will accept trial results by email.
Emailed results must be sent to in a SINGLE .pdf file. The scanned pages must be full 8.5"x11" sheets with no borders, shadows or reflected colors, legible and on a white background.
Only the Judges Trial Records, Titles Achieved Sheet, Catalogue, Incident Report (if applicable) and the Trial Fee Schedule pages are to be included in .pdf file.
If files are returned for resubmission for any reason, the submission deadline will not be altered (results are still due with in 21 days from the date of the trial).
Emailed results will incur a submission fee of $5.00 plus tax to cover the cost of printing.  This will be re-evaluated with the implementation of the new database which will have improved data entry capabilities.

2024 AGM more info

Hello CARO Rally Enthusiasts!


Want to know what's going on with CARO?
Want to find out what's in our exciting future?????
Lots of excitement to be shared at our AGM!!!

EVERYONE welcome (only members can vote)


Minutes of 2023 AGM are now in the minutes

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 938 2106 7071
Passcode: 435777


More New Judges

Congratulations to our new and upgraded Rally Judges!!!!!!

Trial Results Update

All results, payments and penalties are the responsibility of the professional member whose number was used on the trial application.


Results for all CARO trials must be received no later than 21 days from the date of the trial.


Payment must be received no later than 7 days after receiving confirmation of the amount due.


No trial approvals will be given to those individuals and/or clubs not complying with this resolution. There will be a fine of $50.00 plus applicable taxes for any infraction of this resolution. For trials already approved, trials will be suspended until the fine is paid.‚Äč

CARO Championship Ribbons

As of January 1, 2025, the championship ribbons will be provided by CARO to members that have been members in good standing for 2 consecutive membership years.


For example, if you are a member in 2024 and 2025, CARO will provide you with a championship ribbon earned in 2025.


Non members will be able to purchase the ribbons from CARO and will have to cover the cost of shipping.

Trial Fee Update

There is a change to the number of runs that are exempt from trial fees.  Effective immediately, trial fees will be waived for trials with 24 runs or less.  For trials with 25 runs or more (not including FEO runs), the $2.00 per run fee will apply.


New Rally Judge criteria

Effective February 1, the criteria for becoming a CARO Rally judge as been upgraded  from 'having achieved an advanced title' to 'having achieved an excellent title'.  This will be on the forms as soon as possible.


Welcome 4 more new judges

The CARO Board of Directors would like to welcome as a new novice/advanced/excellent rally judge

AND we would like to welcome as new WORKING judges:

Congratulations to all of you.  It's so exciting to see these sports grow and to have you all be a part of them.

Welcome New Rally Judges

The CARO Board of Directors would like to welcome as new novice/advanced/excellent rally judges:

AND we would like to welcome as a new WORKING Judge:

Congratulations to all of you.   You worked hard to achieve your judging status.   You will all make GREAT judges!


Update to the CARO Board of Directors

The CARO Board of Directors regrets to announce the resignation of Maggie Bird as its Chair.
Maggie's many contributions over the past years as a member of the Board have helped bring a new vision to the organization.  Our thanks and well wishes go out to her on her future endeavors.
As per the CARO Bylaw's, Vice Chair Patricia Hunt will fill the position of Chair for the remainder of this term (September 30, 2025).
Barb Burgess (Executive at Large) will take over the position of Vice Chair until elections in (September 30, 2024).
The Board is also pleased to announce the appointment of Donna Whitmore as Ontario Director.
All appointments to take effect immediately.
We thank the CARO community for your continued support.

Membership Renewal for 2024

Reminder to renew your CARO membership for 2024

CARO would like to remind everyone that it is time to renew their Membership.
NOTE!!!! Due to ongoing work and testing on the website, there may be times that you can't get on......make a cup of tea and try again in half an hour!    We apologize profusely for this but we have no control over when the programmer can get work done.
Remember: Dog registrations are for life and do NOT need to be renewed.
If you have already renewed THANK YOU! and ignore this email!
All memberships expire at the end of the calendar year.  Any new memberships processed from October thru December are automatically applied to 2024.
Professional & Regular Memberships not renewed before February will lose voting privileges as per the bylaws.
Judges MUST renew by December 31.
As a member of the Canadian Association of Rally Obedience, you will: 
·         Be able to access your dog’s records online
·         Receive a discount on Dog Registration
·         Types of Memberships and privileges associated can be found on this page 
To renew your membership:
Paypal--by using the link below and clicking on the Paypal icon next to the application form required.
Thank you for your support of CARO.  We look forward a great 2024

CARO aimerait vous rappeler que le moment de renouveler votre abonnement est arrivé! 

NOTE!!!!! Depuis que le site est en recontruction, le site pourrait être injoignable. Prenez le temps de vous faire une tasse de thé et revenez dans une demi-heure! Nous sommes sincèrement désolés de ces problèmes; il nous est impossible de prévoir les tests sur le site web.

Rappelez-vous que l’enregistrement de votre chien est bon à vie: vous n’avez donc pas à le renouveler.

MERCI! si vous avez déjà renouvelés votre abonnement, vous pouvez ignorer ce message.

Tous les abonnements sont renouvelables à la fin de l’année civile. Tout abonnement qui est fait entre le mois d’octobre et le mois de décembre sera automatiquement applicable à l’année 2024.

Les abonnements professionnels et réguliers qui ne sont pas renouvelés d’ici février perdront leurs privilèges de vote selon les règlements administratifs. 

Les juges DOIVENT renouveler leurs abonnements d’ici le 31 décembre 2023.

Les membres de la Canadian Association of Rally Obedience obtiendront :

·         L’accès en ligne aux titres et parcours qualificatifs de votre chien.

·        Rabais sur l’enregistrement de vos chiens.

·         Les types d’abonnement et leurs privilèges peuvent être trouvés sur cette page:

Pour renouveler votre abonnement:

Pour utiliser Paypal, utilisez le lien ci-dessous et cliquez sur l’icône Paypal située à côté du formulaire:

Merci d’appuyer CARO!

L’année 2024 sera bien meilleure grâce à vous!



General Updates

The long-awaited new database is now under development.  That means that we can finally get ready to move forward with several changes that have been on the drawing board for some time.  Barring unforeseen challenges, it is hoped that it will be up and running for January 1, 2025.   

2024 AGM--more info

Hello CARO Rally Enthusiasts!


Want to know what's going on with CARO?
Want to find out what's in our exciting future?????
Lots of excitement to be shared at our AGM!!!

EVERYONE welcome (only members can vote)


Minutes of 2023 AGM are now in the minutes

Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 938 2106 7071
Passcode: 435777


Reminder of changes to Barrel Racing

Hello Working fans,
A reminder that rule changes for the Barrel racing exercise, which prohibits the dog from going around the handler between cones, takes effect on Friday September 1st.
Happy trialing!
Maggie on behalf of the BOD


Working Tracker

Hello Working fans!

The BOD is pleased to advise that a new tracking sheet for Working passes has been created! The spreadsheet can be found under "forms' on the website. Scroll to the last table at the bottom. The document contains two options for participants to choose from.

1. A short form that tracks up to Honours Championship on one page.

2. A long form for each of the Championship and the Honours Championship.

It can be found on the forms page:

Have fun out there!

Maggie on behalf of the BOD


New Novice/Advanced/Excellent Shadow judging tracking sheet

An updated Shadow Judging Tracking sheet for the Rally NAE classes has been created and posted. It can be found on the forms page of the website here:
All the best!



DEADLINE EXTENDED! CARO will accept applications up to June 30th.

This program has been designed to support trial hosts under the following circumstances

1. Remote & new areas - to introduce CARO to new regions, to give an opportunity to clubs without judges to provide trials, to bring in new judges to areas where few judges are available.

2. Shadow/Cooperating Judge Support - to provide support to persons in their pursuit of becoming a judge.

3. Judging Requirements - to give current judges in remote areas and small clubs support to achieve their judging requirements.

4. General - to provide support for small clubs and to bring in new judges or send judges from smaller areas to locations with larger trials.

Trial hosts who wish to apply for funding are invited to submit an application form which can be found on the website under Trials/Trial Forms.

Please note that funding is limited. The Board will review all applications submitted by the deadline of June 23rd and allocate available funding based on the criteria above.

Please note also that this is a pilot program. We thank you in advance for your patience as we learn from this first running of the process.

A special shout out to Prairies Director Kim Masiak for all of her hard work on this project!

Maggie on behalf of the Board

Working Title Review - May 30, 2023

The review of Working Titles has now been completed and the certificates were mailed last week. Members can log in to their account to check their dog’s record. Non-members can check, select 2023 and sort on their dog’s name. Titles resulting from the Working Handbook revisions will have a date of April 1, 2023.

If there is a title missing from your dog’s record, please email Barb Burgess at


Rally Judges clinics 2023

CARO is pleased to announce that virtual Judges Clinics will be held on a quarterly basis! These clinics are open to both current judges and judge candidates. Rally clinics will be held on: June 17th, September 28th and December 9th 2023. Dates for working clinics are pending. This message will also be sent by email to our judge and judge candidate communities. Meeting invitations will be forwarded closer to the dates.


Working Title Update

Working Titles

All the March trials have been entered and I’m nearly finished getting the Judge’s Trial Records ready for the Spring Virtual Trial.  Next on my list – Working Titles.

If you have previously reported earning a Working Title, your dog’s record will be reviewed.  Any titles earned based on the new rules will be assigned with a date of April 1, 2023 (the date the updated Working Handbook came into effect).  This process could take a couple of months and during this time, there may a delay in entering trial results.

We will let everyone know when the review is completed and certificates have been mailed out.  Members will be able to check their records for completeness on the website.

Please continue to list any titles earned after April 1, 2023 on the Titles Achieved Sheet provided for trials.


MGH2022 Amendments

CARO is pleased to release some updates to the Master General Handbook 2022 (Rally- MGH2022).  These amendments are effective as of April 30th, 2023.  Questions can be directed to the Board of Directors.
The amendment document can be found on the handbooks page. 

New email address for CARO judges community

CARO is pleased to share that a dedicated email address has been created to facilitate communications with Judges and Judge candidates.
Any inquiries about Judging certifications, continuing education or the community of practice please reach out to us at:

Rally station signs now available in french

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the rally station signs are now available in french!

Updated Virtual Trial Dates

Please note the virtual trial dates have been adjusted slightly to allow an additional weekend to be available for in-person trials.

The new VT trial dates are as follows.

Spring 2024 – May 11-24, 2024

Fall 2024 – October 1-14, 2024

Competitor Trial Results

CARO competitors will have one year from the date of a trial to address any errors and/or omissions in their trial results entered in the database. This will be effective July 1, 2022 to tie in to the release of the MGH. Until you have verified your results online, you should always keep your scoresheets.
Members can check their records by logging into the database and viewing their dog's results.
Non-members can check their results by going to the Trials tab on the website and selecting Results. You can then search for the trial you attended.
If a non-member becomes a member, they will be able to access any results prior to becoming a member by logging into the database. If you are checking your records and notice an error or omission, please contact Barb Burgess at


Trial Results

Since there was never a formal rule regarding trial results, the Board has voted in the requirement that trial hosts and judges be required to keep trial results for a period of 1 year from the date of the trial.

Form for Tracking Rally-O Titles

Thank you to Barb Burgess, who created a pdf form to use to track your Q's and titles through all the various levels of CARO Rally-O.  The form can be found here.   Alternatively just click the "Dogs" link at the top of the page to also get to the new form.