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Working Exercises--Calll for Submissions


Following up on the General Updates email, this message is to invite you to submit your ideas for the 5 new Working exercises that will be added to the Working stream on January 1, 2025 (Or when the new database is ready)

Things to consider when developing and submitting ideas:

  1. Exercises should avoid the use of obstacles (jumps, tunnels, or weaves) and/or retrieves.
  2. The exercises must be designed in a way that allows them to be included in the Virtual Trials.
  3. Exercises should test skills not already covered by the current exercises.

Submissions should include:

  1. Descriptions of the exercise at Rookie, Elite and Expert.
  2. List any equipment that is needed to complete the exercise for each class.
  3. Any adaptations that may be needed to complete the exercise in a virtual trial.

The deadline for submission is December 31, 2023 by email to

Please note that submitting an idea does not guarantee that it will be used. 

It is hoped that the new exercises will be finalized and released by September 2024.

Thank you for helping to build CARO Working!

The CARO Board of Directors



General Updates

The long-awaited new database is now under development.  That means that we can finally get ready to move forward with several changes that have been on the drawing board for some time.  Barring unforeseen challenges, it is hoped that it will be up and running for January 1, 2025.   

2024 AGM

Hello CARO Rally Enthusiasts!


Want to know what's going on with CARO?
Want to find out what's in our exciting future?????
Lots of excitement to be shared at our AGM!!!

EVERYONE welcome (only members can vote)
Zoom link and agenda to follow


Reminder of changes to Barrel Racing

Hello Working fans,
A reminder that rule changes for the Barrel racing exercise, which prohibits the dog from going around the handler between cones, takes effect on Friday September 1st.
Happy trialing!
Maggie on behalf of the BOD


Website and Database Renewal Project

Call for Interest - Website and Database renewal project!

The BOD working group has been working hard behind the scenes on this project and we could use some help!

What is needed?

We are looking for those who are knowledgeable about website design and/or database development. Also needed are those who are well versed in hosting services.

If you have an interest in volunteering to share your knowledge and/or would like to volunteer in a Website development working group please email me at by September 5th.

Thank you!

Maggie on behalf of the BOD

Working Tracker

Hello Working fans!

The BOD is pleased to advise that a new tracking sheet for Working passes has been created! The spreadsheet can be found under "forms' on the website. Scroll to the last table at the bottom. The document contains two options for participants to choose from.

1. A short form that tracks up to Honours Championship on one page.

2. A long form for each of the Championship and the Honours Championship.

It can be found on the forms page:

Have fun out there!

Maggie on behalf of the BOD


New Novice/Advanced/Excellent Shadow judging tracking sheet

An updated Shadow Judging Tracking sheet for the Rally NAE classes has been created and posted. It can be found on the forms page of the website here:
All the best!


New Judge for Team

Congratulations going out to Lynn Campbell from Ontario for receiving her certification to judge Teams for the Novice, Advanced and Excellent classes.
Lynn got going on her certifications before the pandemic when Standard and Team classes were certified separately.
Under the new structure candidates will be certified for both (and Brace!) through the same processes.
Happy Judging!
Maggie on behalf of the BOD.


DEADLINE EXTENDED! CARO will accept applications up to June 30th.

This program has been designed to support trial hosts under the following circumstances

1. Remote & new areas - to introduce CARO to new regions, to give an opportunity to clubs without judges to provide trials, to bring in new judges to areas where few judges are available.

2. Shadow/Cooperating Judge Support - to provide support to persons in their pursuit of becoming a judge.

3. Judging Requirements - to give current judges in remote areas and small clubs support to achieve their judging requirements.

4. General - to provide support for small clubs and to bring in new judges or send judges from smaller areas to locations with larger trials.

Trial hosts who wish to apply for funding are invited to submit an application form which can be found on the website under Trials/Trial Forms.

Please note that funding is limited. The Board will review all applications submitted by the deadline of June 23rd and allocate available funding based on the criteria above.

Please note also that this is a pilot program. We thank you in advance for your patience as we learn from this first running of the process.

A special shout out to Prairies Director Kim Masiak for all of her hard work on this project!

Maggie on behalf of the Board

Update to the CARO Board of Directors

The Board would like to thank everyone who put their name forward for the position to Ontario Director. Alas there was only one position available. Please join us in welcoming Patricia Hunt to the Board. Patricia hails from Yarker, Ontario and has been a CARO judge since 2011. Patricia can be reached at

Welcome to Kate, our new NAE judge

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Katharina Zinggl has completed the qualifications to become a CARO Rally Judge for the Novice, Advanced and Excellent classes in the Standard, Teams and Brace streams!
Kate has just moved to Cochrane Alberta bringing our total Alberta judges up to 4!
Well done Kate and happy Judging!!

Working Title Review - May 30, 2023

The review of Working Titles has now been completed and the certificates were mailed last week. Members can log in to their account to check their dog’s record. Non-members can check, select 2023 and sort on their dog’s name. Titles resulting from the Working Handbook revisions will have a date of April 1, 2023.

If there is a title missing from your dog’s record, please email Barb Burgess at


Rally Judges clinics 2023

CARO is pleased to announce that virtual Judges Clinics will be held on a quarterly basis! These clinics are open to both current judges and judge candidates. Rally clinics will be held on: June 17th, September 28th and December 9th 2023. Dates for working clinics are pending. This message will also be sent by email to our judge and judge candidate communities. Meeting invitations will be forwarded closer to the dates.


Updates to the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Ontario Director Vania Boulet has been named to the position of Vice-Chair. Vania can be reached at
In addition, the Board is pleased to welcome Alexandra McGowan as the new Director for Eastern Canada including Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Alexandra can be reached at In addition to representing her geographic region, Alexandra will be coordinating the Bilingualism project.


Working Title Update

Working Titles

All the March trials have been entered and I’m nearly finished getting the Judge’s Trial Records ready for the Spring Virtual Trial.  Next on my list – Working Titles.

If you have previously reported earning a Working Title, your dog’s record will be reviewed.  Any titles earned based on the new rules will be assigned with a date of April 1, 2023 (the date the updated Working Handbook came into effect).  This process could take a couple of months and during this time, there may a delay in entering trial results.

We will let everyone know when the review is completed and certificates have been mailed out.  Members will be able to check their records for completeness on the website.

Please continue to list any titles earned after April 1, 2023 on the Titles Achieved Sheet provided for trials.


MGH2022 Amendments

CARO is pleased to release some updates to the Master General Handbook 2022 (Rally- MGH2022).  These amendments are effective as of April 30th, 2023.  Questions can be directed to the Board of Directors.
The amendment document can be found on the handbooks page. 

New email address for CARO judges community

CARO is pleased to share that a dedicated email address has been created to facilitate communications with Judges and Judge candidates.
Any inquiries about Judging certifications, continuing education or the community of practice please reach out to us at:

CARO Spring 2023 Virtual Trial premium list

CARO is pleased to present the premium list for the 2023 Virtual Trial!

Rally station signs now available in french

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the rally station signs are now available in french!

Resignation of Judy Miller as Vice-Chair

Resignation of Judy Miller as Vice-Chair

The Board of Directors has received with deep regret the resignation of Judy Miller from the role of Vice-Chair of the Board. We wish to take this opportunity to recognize the incredible contribution that Judy has made in so many capacities over the many years that she served on the BOD.
Judy has been a part of CARO since the beginning. She has supported and mentored many new board members, helped to manage changes, led various initiatives including the production and distribution of the station sign packages for the MGH2022, participated in the development of the manuals, anchored many an AGM and helped to develop the vision for CARO's future. 
Judy was also the third person to become a CARO judge and is currently the longest standing Judge in the association.  She went on to develop and run the judges certification program as it now stands. She dedicated herself to mentoring judges from across the country.  For many years she was also the only course approver for trials.  Outside of the BOD she is also a Rally and Scent instructor who is committed to ongoing learning for both herself and her students.
The BOD is very grateful for Judy's longstanding commitment to excellence in CARO and wishes her the very best!
February 19th, 2023

Updated Virtual Trial Dates

Please note the virtual trial dates have been adjusted slightly to allow an additional weekend to be available for in-person trials.

The new VT trial dates are as follows.

Spring 2023 - May 14-26, 2023

Fall 2023 – October 2-15, 2023

Spring 2024 – May 11-24, 2024

Fall 2024 – October 1-14, 2024

Membership renewal 2023

CARO would like to remind everyone that it is time to renew their Membership.

NOTE:  Dog registrations are for life and do not need to be renewed.

If you have already renewed THANK YOU!

Memberships:  Judges, professional and regular members who wish to maintain voting privileges must renew annually.

All memberships expire at the end of the calendar year.  Any new memberships processed from October thru December are automatically applied to 2023.

Professional & Regular Memberships not renewed before March will lose voting privileges as per the bylaws.

Judges not renewed by December 31st will have to pay a reinstatement fee of $15.

As a member of the Canadian Association of Rally Obedience, you will: 

·         Be able to access your dog’s records online
·         Receive a discount on Dog Registration
·         Types of Memberships:

To renew your membership here:

Thank you for your support of CARO.  We look forward to a great 2023!

Competitor Trial Results

CARO competitors will have one year from the date of a trial to address any errors and/or omissions in their trial results entered in the database. This will be effective July 1, 2022 to tie in to the release of the MGH. Until you have verified your results online, you should always keep your scoresheets.
Members can check their records by logging into the database and viewing their dog's results.
Non-members can check their results by going to the Trials tab on the website and selecting Results. You can then search for the trial you attended.
If a non-member becomes a member, they will be able to access any results prior to becoming a member by logging into the database. If you are checking your records and notice an error or omission, please contact Barb Burgess at


Trial Results

Since there was never a formal rule regarding trial results, the Board has voted in the requirement that trial hosts and judges be required to keep trial results for a period of 1 year from the date of the trial.

New Working Class Titles

CARO has new Working Class titles. You can now earn a title in an individual exercise at the Expert level. There are also Bronze, Silver, Gold and Honours titles. These titles have been approved to be retroactive.  

If your dog has earned a title(s), please email Barb Burgess at with your dog’s name, CARO number and the title(s) that were earned.

CARO Working Class – Individual

CWI(# of ind titles)   i.e. if they earn Individual titles for W1, W3, W10 it would read: “CWI3”.  The 5th Individual Title would earn CWXI.  Qs beyond CWXI would be towards the Bronze title.                

3 Passes in Expert for a single WC exercise under at least 2 different judges earns one Individual Working title for that exercise. 

CARO Working Class – Bronze Individual

CWB(# of bronze ind titles)    i.e. if they earn Bronze for W2, W3, W6, W10 it would read: “CWB4”.  

8 Passes in Expert for a single WC exercise under at least 2 different judges earns one Bronze Individual Working title for that exercise. 

CARO Working Class –Silver Individual

CWS(# of silver ind titles)

13 Passes in Expert for a single WC exercise under at least 2 different judges earns one Silver Individual Working title for that exercise.

CARO Working Class – Gold Individual

CWG(# of gold ind titles)

18 Passes in Expert for a single WC exercise under at least 2 different judges earns one Gold Individual Working title for that exercise.

Once a dog earns their Honours title for a level, they do not continue to earn individual titles at that level.  For example, once they earn their Bronze Honours (CWBH), they do not earn CWB6-10.  Any Qs beyond CWBH would be earned towards the Silver Individual title.

CARO Working Class – Bronze Honours


5 Individual Bronze Titles

CARO Working Class – Silver Honours


6 Individual Silver Titles

CARO Working Class – Gold Honours


7 Individual Gold Titles

CARO Working Class – Honours Champion


10 Individual Gold Titles



WORKING CLASS - Elimination of Subdivisions

In Working Class, we have eliminated Subdivision I and II. There are now just the ten exercises.
With the elimination of Subdivision I and II, the titles would be:
3 qualifying scores under two different judges in any 5 exercises in Rookie will earn the CWRI title
3 qualifying scores under two different judges in remaining 5 exercises in Rookie will earn the CWRII title
3 qualifying scores under two different judges in any 5 exercises in Elite will earn the CWTI title
3 qualifying scores under two different judges in remaining 5 exercises in Elite will earn the CWTII title
3 qualifying scores under two different judges in any 5 exercises in Expert will earn the CWXI title
3 qualifying scores under two different judges in remaining 5 exercises in Expert will earn the CWRCh (Working Champion) title
The initial title in each level is still for 5 exercises; it just isn’t exercises 1 to 5 anymore. The second title for each level is still for all 10 exercises. Titles already earned are still meaningful and consistent with the new system.
If these changes mean you have now earned a title, please email with your Dog Name, Dog #, and the title you have earned.

Rule Clarification - Physical Praise in Working Level

The following is for immediate implementation:

Addition:  Upon completion of an exercise, whether successful or not, the owner may choose to briefly pet or touch the dog as a reward.  If the owner touches the dog mid exercise (for example, after the dog completes one cone in Round the Clock), the judge shall  tell the competitor to “move on” to the next attempt at the exercise or to the next exercise after the second attempt, or in Expert.

Physical praise is allowed as the teams move between exercises, for example, in the form of hand targeting.

Touching the dog to put it into a position (Sit, Down, Stand), or guiding the dog between exercises by the collar is considered to be a physical correction and will result in an NQ. This will result in the loss of all Passes already accumulated in the round.

Form for Tracking Rally-O Titles

Thank you to Barb Burgess, who created a pdf form to use to track your Q's and titles through all the various levels of CARO Rally-O.  The form can be found here.   Alternatively just click the "Dogs" link at the top of the page to also get to the new form.