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Titles 2020

Titles Awarded in 2020

Listed in alphabetical order (by Last Name).
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Owner Dog's Name Breed Title Date
Arghittu, Kay Dexter Arghittu CRAMCL CRBN Doberman Pinscher Advanced MCL 2020-01-26
Bollenbach, Christina Alika Tia Flintstones Fred CRNCL Coton De Tulear Novice CL 2020-01-26
Bowman, Susan Chase Bowman CRNCL Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Novice CL 2020-01-26
Cohen, Jessica Mosaic's Lil Bit of Everything CRNMCL CRNT All Canadian - Mixed Novice Team 2020-02-29
DaCosta, Debby Jysta Pynk Diva from Golden Regia CRXMCL CRNT Poodle Miniature Excellent MCL 2020-01-26
DaCosta, Debby CRMCh CSXCh CSVCh Palman Mystic Phantom du Opera CRVX CRVT CWTI CWTII Poodle Miniature Working Elite Class II 2020-01-26
Dirsus Breckles, Diane HEIDI CRAMCL Poodle Standard Advanced MCL 2020-03-02
Gamache, Cindy & Andy Baywood Wave of Pawz CRAMCL CRNT Portuguese Water Dog Novice Team 2020-02-29
Gray, Diane Glascony's Meadow of the Hares CRNMCL Welsh Springer Spaniel Novice MCL 2020-03-02
Hartwell McLean, Pat Marley Barley CRACL Border Collie Advanced CL 2020-01-26
Hooper, Valerie STEELE CRXMCL CRBN Shetland Sheepdog Excellent MCL 2020-03-02
Learn, Sarah CRMCh Isle of Black Tye Optional CRVX-CRXT-CWTI-CWXII Poodle Standard Working Expert Class II 2020-01-26
Maillet, Darren Jed CRNMCL All Canadian - Mixed Novice MCL 2020-01-26
McCallum, Peggy Darwyn Gwyddon CRNCL Welsh Terrier Novice CL 2020-02-29
Murray, Melody Cullen's Big Bopper CRAMCL Poodle Toy Advanced MCL 2020-01-26
Plishka, Wilma Uproar's Firebolt CRAMCL Australian Shepherd Advanced MCL 2020-02-29
Ripley, Kaitlyn CRMCh BETSY CRVX CRBA Papillon Supreme Excellent Champion 2020-01-26
Ripley, Kaitlyn CRMCh BETSY CRVX CRBA Papillon Advanced Brace 2020-01-26
Ryder, Christine CRMCh JAZZ CRVXMCL-CRXT-CRBA-CWRI Border Collie Working Rookie Class I 2020-01-26
Silverthorn, Tracey Siosalach Niteofthelivingdead CRVX Pug Versatility Excellent 2020-01-26
Slack, Neil Stonehavens Bruiser Bukowski CRB CRVMCL Shetland Sheepdog Versatility MCL 2020-01-26
Strickland, Tara Cuttingedge Olives In Florence CRNMCL Poodle Standard Novice MCL 2020-01-26
Thibault, Robert Athena Thibault CRAMCL CRBA All Canadian - Mixed Supreme Excellent Champion 2020-01-26
Thibault, Robert Athena Thibault CRAMCL CRBA All Canadian - Mixed Advanced Brace 2020-01-26