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Equipment Design

During my trip to Kelowna, I was impressed with the signs that were used. Here is a breakdown of how they were made.
Sign Holder Sturdy Rally O sign holders

The sign holder design in the pictures is a particularly solid, sturdy design that works well for outdoor use, although we use it inside as well. It makes a nice compact package that allows you to see the pylons.

The main components are a base made from industrial PVC water pipe and a back plate made from a 4x8 sheet of board used to hang miscellaneous items in a garage or storage room.

The PVC pipe was 8 3/8 in diameter and I got three bases when I cut the pipe up, ie the pipe’s circumference was divided into three. That gives you a reasonable curve to accept the back plate and helps keep the weight per base down. The completed bases stack very well on top of one another

Sign Holder The slit on the top was cut with a radial arm saw with about a 30 degree slant for the back plate to angle back so you could view the sign better. The angle would be a personal choice. The cut was just wide enough to accept the back plate and the Rally O sign. If it was particularly windy, you could use clips to secure the Rally O sign to the backboard. We have plastic clips but have not found that necessary.
Sign Holder The back plates stack very well together. We put them in a plastic bin on a little wagon along with all our other equipment like stop watches, jump grids, etc. The bases and the pylons fit on the wagon along with a jump and tunnel.
Sign Holder The cost to build was quite reasonable. I got the pipe from a construction site (on the discard pile with permission!) for free, I rented the saw for a day and I bought the sheet of material at Home Depot (can’t remember how much but I’d guess about $20), and the numbers were found in sheet form.
Sign Holder The complete sign