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Offering a Trial

The requirements of offering a CARO trial are similar to those of an Obedience Trial

Effective January 1st 2008 - All Clubs and/or organisers of Trials must be Professional Members of CARO (as approved at the Annual Meeting held in 2007).

All Rally O Trials must be approved by CARO in order for the handler/dog to receive CARO titles.

CARO certified judges must be used to judge the trial

Up to 16 Classes may be offered per trial; which may consist of any combination of Novice, Advanced, Excellent, Versatility and Team. The C stream is NOT considered a separate class and NEITHER is the BRACE class.
For a Trial Application Form please go to the Forms page.

For a listing of CARO Certified Judges - click here

Dogs must have a CARO registration number to enter. Individual dog registrations may be taken on the day of the trial; at the discretion of the trial secretary. Applications must be accompanied by full payment before handlers/dogs can compete. Applications and payments must be sent in by the Trial Secretary along with the trial records.
Handlers do not have to be members of CARO to enter their dog in a trial. However the cost to get a dog registration number is somewhat higher.
For details about membership please go to the membership page.
For an individual dog registration form go to the Forms page.

Roles & Responsibilities

There must be a Trial Chairperson whose responsibilities include providing the CARO exercise signs, sign holders, cones, treat bowls, judging sheets etc.

There must be a Trial Secretary whose responsibilities include preparing a catalogue of entries which must contain:-
  • entry number
  • name and breed of dog
  • CARO registration number of dog
  • competition level e.g. Novice A
  • space for trial score
In addition the Trial Secretary must provide a trial record and judging score sheets.
IMPORTANT NOTICE TO TRIAL SECRETARIES - If your trial covers two days, please submit separate application forms - one for each day. The fee will not change i.e. if there are sixteen events over two days only one $40.00 fee plus HST is payable

The trial results must be submitted to the CARO offices no later than 30 days after the trial. There will be a penalty of $50.00 plus HST for any late submission of the results.

For a Sample Catalogue, Trial Record and Score Sheet please go to the Forms Page

Stewards - there shall one Gate Steward, A Score Sheet Steward and one or more Table Stewards. A Timer is required. He/she starts and stops the time and then gives the final time to the judge who marks it on the score sheet.

The Gate Steward ensures good order in getting teams ready and in place; he/she also checks the ring after each performance to ensure that everything is properly in place.

The Score Sheet Steward gives the score sheet for the next team to the judge , receives from the judge the score sheet for the team that has just finished and returns the score sheet to the Table Steward. He/she also checks that the handler's arm band number matches the number entered on their score sheet.

The Table Steward(s) receive the partially completed score sheet from the Score sheet Steward, checks the score sheet to ensure the addition is correct and enters the scores on the Judge's Trial record.

On completion of a trial event. the following must be forwarded to CARO so that complete records may be maintained:
  • a copy of the trial record, with a cheque or money order for $2.00 Canadian plus HST for each run for every dog entered in the trial.
  • names and addresses of participants.
  • A list of new titles obtained by the exhibitors (as reported by the exhibitor) Forms available on the Forms page.

Judges must submit their course designs for approval 30 days prior to the trial date (Otherwise they have to pay a penalty). It is the responsibility of the trial giving organisation to ensure that judges have been informed of the ring layout (size and entrance/exit areas) as soon as possible.

If a judge is unable to get to a trial due to inclement weather, sickness or other unavoidable situations and the club is able to get another judge to fill in, then the courses approved for that trial could be used by the replacement judge.
The club could also cancel the trial (should they feel that the entrants cannot make it) and apply for another date if they choose.
If the club is unable to procure another judge at late notice they could apply for a date change in which case the 60 day rule for trial date approval would be waived provided that the same judge is utilised and the same approved courses used..