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Photos 2002

Trial October 20, 2002

Boy, oh boy, it was cold, the scribes wore gloves, the judge wore gloves and, I suspect, even some of the dogs wore gloves. However, just bunches of people were there, we ordered pretty fine pizza from the local shop, the coffee was hot and you didn't really have to sit all the way down on the seat, did you? Here's a few pictures (sorry, don't have the names)

A Dizzy Bunch, and a couple Proud Winners
first trial picture first trial picture first trial picture

August 18, 2002

A fun CARO clinic and two trials, sponsored by CARO, were held on August 18th at the just-opened facilities of "Forever Friends" in Ottawa South. Bev Hurst ran the clinic and judged the first trial, with the second trial being judged by the newly-qualified "Judge Judy: (Judy Miller). Several dogs were able to complete their third leg of the Novice class. The general consensus, after the very hot day was completed: "This is FUN!"

Carol Leger
Carol & Stoney
Stoney 2 Legs
Carol Leger
Carol & Val
Val - 2 legs
Erice Reeves
Erice & Tilley
Tilley - 2 Legs
Jeannie Stafford
Jeannie & Sadie
Sadie - 2 Legs
Rae Anne Zaroski
Rae Anne & Faith
Faith - 2 legs
Linda Millar
Linda & Koa
Koa - 2 legs
Joanne LerouxJoanne & Tara
Tara Novice A MCL
Roslyn Brown
Ros & Sable
Sable Novice B MCL
Bev Hurst
Bev & Shades
Shades Novice B MCL
Judy Miller
Judy &Robbie
Robbie Novice B MCL
Wanda Purton
Wanda Purton
Novice B CL
Bev Hurst
Bev & Cutter
Cutter Novice B MCL

First CARO Rally Trial August 3rd 2002


Bev Hurst, founder and chairperson of CARO, hosted the first-ever Rally Trial, out in the wilds of Vankleek Hill, Ontario. Here are some photos