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Photos 2003

July 22, 2003 Letter

The internet is an amazing thing....July 22nd we received this e-mail from South Africa:

I was browsing your site and really enjoyed the information you put in. Here in South Africa RallyO is still very much a sport in infant stage. At my school we have been teaching RallyO since February 2003 and enjoying every minute of it. The photos I have attached are from end of June 2003 when we held a very informal RallyO competition (on leash and Level 1 RallyO). We had a lot of fun and will be holding another competition sometime in November 2003. At the moment there are very few schools in our country that offer this sport and my school offers it more for the fun of it than anything else and I, as an instructor, am as much a student as my handlers. I have a Bull Mastiff who really enjoys the sport and we would like to become competitive but with so few schools offering the sport, there are also very few competitions being held.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Best regards,
Andrea Joubert
Bullie's Friends Obedience Training & Socialization
Tel. 011 475 7525
Cel. 083 7254 597

Photos from South Africa
SA 3 sa 4 sa 10
sa 11 sa 12 sa 13