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Photos 2007

Wins & Brags for the Year 2007



I am very proud of my beagles, Phoebe (8) left, and Sméagol (4) right. They both did a great job at the Canine Sports Complex trial in Buffalo NY, on Dec.1st, 2007, under judges Bonnie Christie and Anne Douglas. Phoebe is a very special beagle, one who will do anything I ask and do it well. Sméagol has big shoes to fill, he has taught me that every dog is different, and takes different training skills and patience to train each of them. Sméagol was first in the ring in the Novice class. He was having a great time, his tail was wagging and he was trotting around, just having fun. He qualified the first and second run, earning his novice title. I am so proud of him, at 4 years he is finally starting to grow up! Rally has never been his passion; actually I am still trying to figure out what he’ll do best, earning his novice title is a big step for this silly little beagle. Phoebe, my precision beagle had one more leg to go in the excellent class, she did it in her first run! I could not have asked for a better run, she still amazes me. I love working with her, we have a special bond that kicks in when we get into the ring. I am not 100% sure, but I think that she is the first beagle to earn the excellent title. Now we are working on Versatility. We moved up at the trial, I knew we were not ready, but we had fun, and gave it a try. Phoebe at the young age of 8 is still working hard and trialing in a number of sports, and I know she will continue to amaze me for many more years. We are thrilled to have such a great organization to compete in, and we’d like to thank all the wonderful judges, who we have been privileged to trial under. We are looking forward to many more years of great trials and friendships made during the journey.

Stephanie Hounsell

November 2007


Pictured is Maya Zgrablic and her three year old female Standard Poodle 'Bella' at the trials held on November 10 at Campaign Dog Academy in Georgetown. Congratulations to this team who won their Novice Class


Attached is a picture of our lovely Doberman when he earned his RNMCL at Campaign Dog Academy in July 2007 with a 1st and two 2nds.

Also, we just earned our RAMCL on Nov 10th at Campaign Dog Academy, Georgetown Ontario in 3 consecutive trials with two 1st and a 2nd. (no picture yet but going to get one!!) So our lovely boy is now:

Int'l (BIS;FCC;/ Bahamas/ IABCA;Ch)MBIS UKC Grand Ch/CKC Ch Liberator's Tasmanian Devil AOM, PCD, CGC, CGN, RNMCL RAMCL (TPOC certified Therapy Dog)

Cheryl Mehaffey, Robert LeBlanc

October 2007

johnny In August 2007, Johnny completed his CARO Rally Advanced title with a first place win. He also completed two legs on his Rally Excellent title. Here he is shown with proud owner Lindy Wiebe and judge Lori Albright. Johnny is now Ch.Withensea Johnny Thunder CD TD CGN RNMCL RACL RL1.

In January of 2007, we adopted a Catahoula Leopard Hound from Louisania through the OSPCA. She is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina.

We couldn't have asked for a better dog. I was first introduced to Rally-O in June of this year and started working with her. On September 9th, in Peterborough, we qualified in 2 out of 3 runs. I made the mistake, and she followed. On September 22nd, in London, we had a qualifying run first time. We tried an advanced run, but didn't quite make it. Our jump commands definitely need work!

My thanks to the organizers, judges, and competitors that made our first two events so great.

Teri Knack & Zozo


September 2007


j'ai fait le rally-novice avec ma bulldog anglais la compétition de St-Basile-de-Portneuf donné le 07 juillet et j'aimerais savoir si vous envoyez un diplôme suite à l'obtention du novice? Si oui savez-vous combien de temps cela prendra avant de le recevoir? J'ai bien reçu ma carte aujourd'hui. J'attend de vos nouvelles!

Sophie Pruneau

Great Pyrenees in Obedience In Peterborough on September 9th 2007 CH Limberlost Niko a Great Pyrenees of 2 years earned his Rally O Novice A title. With impressive scores of 191 and two 193's and a second place; at the end of a long three trial day. Pyrs are not often seen in the obedience ring as they don't see the point in taking orders from a human. Through very creative, persistent training on walks and in the park, we pulled it off. He already has his CKC novice A title (which I find is easier for us). We will be pursing his Advanced A title shortly. Rally is really great for those independant breeds where the emphasis is on FUN FUN FUN! Training a dog NOT motivated by food or toys or praise requires A LOT of creativity.

CH Limberlost Niko CGN, CKC RN, CARO RNMCL (Certified Therapy dog adults/children)

July 2007


We were so excited to compete at the Campaign Dog Academy Rally O trial in July 2007. My rare breed Shiloh Shepherd, Magnus (TYD Int'l bCanCh Regal King Magnus os Kelisa, HIC, CGC, TT, PCD, RNCL) completed 3 trials and got a 2nd place in a nice field of 'A' dogs. FOr a young intact dog who does not believe everything in life has to be perfect, Magnus showed just how happy he is trialling in Rally O - we'll be back!!. Many thanks to Linda Barton, Chair, all the stewards, and Judges Bonnis Christie & Kelly Morrow.

Photo courtesy of Oslach Photography.

June 2007

Crocus Obedience and Kennel Club in Brandon, MB held its, and Manitoba's, second CARO Rally O trial June 9 and 10. Twenty-four participants competed with 31 dogs in 129 runs. Our thanks to judges Sarah-Jane Petti and Jennifer Fraser, both of Calgary, for designing challenging courses and making the weekend a lot of fun.

We were very excited to be rewarded with 21 new titles. Fourteen handlers and their dogs received first-time CARO titles, all in Novice B. Six new Advanced titles were awarded - three of those to dogs that received their Novice titles this weekend as well. One Excellent title was awarded - to Heather Lawson and Gecko of Saskatoon. As well there were lots of qualifying scores awarded - I admit I lost track. Congratulations to all handlers and dogs who worked in blazing sun, a downpour, sudden wind gusts, a steady drizzle, and everything in between - typical June prairie weather.

New Titles (subject to confirmation)
Tom Will (Brandon Isis Novice B
Donna Dietrich (Brandon) Raleigh Novice B
Flo Tellier (Brandon) Brenna Novice B
Betty Scott (Winnipeg) Suzie Novice B & Advanced B
Bev Trudel (Winnipeg) Jazz Novice B
Lu Derkson (winnipeg) Magnum Novice B & Advanced B
Patty Rollheiser (Brandon) Taz Novice B & Advanced B
Nancy Higgitt (Winnipeg) Flanna Novice B
Nancy Higgitt (Winnipeg) Fergus Advanced B
Karen Dreveski (Neepawa) Bryn Novice B
Bev Benson (Winnipeg) Ricochet Novice B
Heather Lawson (Saskatoon) Teseo Novice B
Heather Lawson (Saskatoon) Gecko Excellent
Val Gordon (Neepawa) Tia Novice B
Janet Peters (Winnipeg) Spyder Novice B
Brenda McKague (Brandon) Halsey Novice B
Jill Mennie (Saskatoon) Tetley Advanced B
Marne Birch (Brandon) Sam Advanced B

March 2007


Suede earned her Excellent CL title at the TIKO trial on March 4th, 2007 in Matiland, ON.
Sabrina has overcome physical challenges to earn this title.
Great job!
Congratulations Mom (Dian McTaggart) and sister Chelsea


04 MARCH 2007 Proud Poodle
At the TIKO trial held at Maitland Ont, "Lyla", Valmara's Moonshadow with her handler/owner Grahame Baskerville, earned her Excellent Title with three qualifying rounds under Judges Judy Miller and Darlene McCuaig. Lyla earned two 1st place and one 2nd place ribbons as well as her Excellent Title ribbon


Congratulations to Lilly who earned her Rally Novice title(RN CL)on March 3, 2007.
She came second, fourth and third in the Novice A class at the TIKO trial in Maitland.
We are looking forward to the Advanced level and the food challenge!
A special thanks to judges Darlene McCuaig and Judy Miller and to TIKO for hosting a wonderful event.


Congratulations to Val Archibald and her Belgian Malinois, Zeri

Zeri earned her Versatility title under Judge Judy Miller on March 4, 2007 at the TIKO trial in Maitland.


On March 3rd at the TIKO trial in Maitland, Catcher (Lein's Irish Dreamcatcher) achieved his RNCL. It was his first trial qualifying in all 3 runs and all before his first birthday !!!
Submitted by Sheila Casey, proud mother.

February 2007




Agassiz's Quiet Riot of Catalyst (Australian Cattle Dog) finished his RA MCL with Karin Apfel shortly before going to his new home. Enjoy retirement Pie-man, you deserve it!



Congrats to Shona Wong with Chocolate lab Jersey and Theresa Latocha with Australian Shepherd Bugsy on finishing their Novice titles with firsts in A and B respectively. Trainer, Karin Apfel is in the centre with her "niece" - dog Gypie the Boston who also finished her Rally Novice.


Congratulations to Jean Brown and her dog Rusah (Multi. Ch. Furry Rusah Siberian Star CGC, CD-X, DD, Mobility Assistance Dog from Midnight Solo BRT kennel). Rusah is the first Black Russian Terrier in Canada to earn the CARO Rally Excellent title. Rusah earned her 2 remaining legs for the CARO title on 11 February 2007 in Toronto, where they placed 1st in both trials.

January 2007


Congratulations to Karen Scott and her canine partner, Walter. This dynamic duo finished their Rally Novice title under Judge Bonnie Christie.
Karen and Walter have shown that dedication, commitment and hard work make dreams come true. Much to Karen's surprise, and joy, she also earned her first leg towards her Rally Advanced title! (all this before Walter's birthday, too!)
Congratulations also go out to Jean Brown and her talented Black Russian Terrier, Rusah. Jean finished her Rally Advanced title, as well as earning her first leg towards her Rally Excellent title.
Both Jean and Karen are members of "A Rally League of our Own". Way to go gang!