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Photos 2011

Wins & Brags for the Year 2011



My name is Angi Squires and I am the proud owner of a beautiful Mini Australian Shepherd named Chelsea. I started basic obedience training with Cassandra Hartman of Cassandra’s Canines in Caledonia, Ontario about 2 years ago. Cassandra encouraged me to sign up for her combination, Rally-O / Agility class as she saw great potential in my dog.
I have never been a part of any dog event (other than a spectator) so I was a little nervous when she mentioned “competing” but with her help and support we achieved great success on October 29th, 2011 where Chelsea earned her Rally Title in the Novice level. With an average score of 195 she has also earned the MCL title as well.

Round 1 – we scored Third place with a score of 198, Round 2 – we scored Second place with a score of 197 and Round 3 – we scored Fourth place with a score of 190

My only objective going into the trial was to give my dog the exposure of a dog event and of course learn a little more about Rally-O. I wasn’t expecting to accomplish so much! Cassandra, the Rat Pack Dog Sports Team and the judges were extremely supportive and empowering. It was a great day!

Attached is a picture of my dog Chelsea & I with her ribbons.
Angi Squires


Tux & Ollie Tux tux

What better way to spend 9 hours on a Saturday than doing something you love with your dogs! We attended a one day CARO Happy Healers Rally trial October 22nd in our home town of Kelowna, BC.

This was Olie’s second CARO trial. She needed one more leg in Novice to get her CRN which she earned getting a score of 195/200. Because she was ready to move up, I also entered her in two Advanced runs.  She got her 1st Advanced leg coming in first. She was the only one who qualified.  Then we tried our hand at Novice Team.We got our first Q with team mate Parker earning a 199/200 and coming in first.

We were asked to be a partner for another team.. We were able to help get that team their Novice Team title with a score of 191. Olie competed in 8 runs throughout the day. By the time we had our last try for another Advanced Leg, she was tired and my brain was fried. We did not pass. It was my fault. My counting skills failed me.  That was on the next to last station. Silly me! Olie is only 19 months old, has 3 titles and going strong. 

Tux and Chase (Sheltie) got their Advanced team title with a first place. He now has earned 12 titles.  Tux and I also tried our hand at our first outing in Versatility Excellent. It was going great until he decided to enjoy himself too much and started to bark. He’s normally a very quiet worker but every once and a while he just starts barking and then the focus is gone. He can’t bark and think at the same time. All in all it was a great day.


I'd like to add a special thank you to Lorraine and Roger Perron. It's their hard work and skills that made that trial go smoothly. There were 160 runs between 8 and 5.  They are an amazing team of their own.


Photo: Tux, Olie and Ian - Lorraine and Cindy, Judges


Tux=Admire Heidarileys Attireblack CGN CDX RE CRVMCL CRAT

Olie=Cadence Oliva Tierra Alta PCD RN CRN


They are father and daughter.


Michele Shaw



Ed Laton and "Hope" winning Cricket's High scoring Novice A dog trophy with a perfect score!
Congratulations from all your friends at Cricket's ! Donna Whitmore Presenting.
Poppy, CARO Rally Novice A and Team 2 legs.
Congatulations Natalie !

From all your friends at Cricket's !
Good Job Poppy !
nikki Here is Janice and Nikki Bain; joined by Judge Debbie Da Costa at the Poodle Farm. They achieved the title of Versatility Excellent on September 11th 2011.  Janice and Nikki did 3 courses in a row at the trial scoring 198, 200 and 195.

We had a wonderful trial at The Poodle Farm.  Cider got her CRB and RNT.  Dekka received her RAMCL.
They each got a cheeseburger to celebrate.


Mafia Princess



I just wanted to tell you about the day my wife Janice Bain had with Nikki our Sheltie.

On Sunday they earned both Gold and Master Champion titles at the Poodle Farm. They did 7 courses in a row earning both titles. They even scored a 200 in the trial. They have earned 10 titles in 13 trials. Their first trial was in November of 2009.

Here is a picture of them with Judge Debbie DaCosta.

The poodles and I had a very successful day trialling. All four dogs, from the one-year-old to the eleven-year-old, earned new titles and lots of ribbons.

Kathleen Cullen, Penny, Flame, Autumn, and Calypso.

Cricket earning her Novice and Advance Team Titles

Bev Hurst

Crump & Raven both earned their Novice MCL and Novice Team titles(14 months of age)


Bev Hurst


Vegas ---Advance Team Title -2 q's Excellent team and Excellent MCL title.

Bev Hurst