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CARO has available a number of publications in pdf  format that are free of charge and can be downloaded from the web site 



The 2022  CARO Master General Handbook (MGH) is a fully new handbook!  It contains all of the rules and regulations for all classes.

This version is in draft format and contains the Competitor's Corner and General Information sections.  The final version which also includes the remaining sections, Judge's Handbook and Trial Guide, will be released as soon as possible.  Stay tuned to this space!

Effective July 1, 2022

Last Update Posted April 17, 2022


The CARO Master General Handbook (MGH) contains all  the rules and regulations of competition Novice to Versatility Excellent Level, including brace and team levels. It describes how each exercise is performed.

The 2018 MGH contains all of the updates.  Some page numbers have changed.



Published January 2018



Official Rule Changes This document serves as a compilation of the major and minor changes to the CARO Master General Handbook (MGH) since the last publication of the MGH in March 2018 and the Working Handbook in 2017. These rule changes will be published in the next new handbooks (release date TBD).  

Last Updated August 2018


Feeding Stations Chart A list of feeding stations and when you are allowed to feed at that station.

Reward Stations



The Working Level Manual contains all the rules and regulations for each of the exercises in the two subdivisions. 

This is the latest 2019 edition.

The change to Expert Designed Retrieve ONLY in Working will be moved to be effective January 1, 2020.


Published March  2019


Request for a rule change (Excel and Word format)
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