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Introduction to Classes

A complete set of Novice, Advanced and Excellent Exercise Signs consists of a total of 66 signs for 55 exercises. This includes one sign for each of the approved exercises, 9 duplicate signs, and one START and one FINISH sign.

Each sign should be numbered with an "access number" that corresponds to the numbered list below. Exercises 48 and 49 (START and FINISH) must be used in all classes. Exercises 1 - 29 may be used in Novice A & B courses, while all signs numbered 1- 47 may be used in Advanced A & B classes; signs numbered 1 - 47 and 59 - 66 are to be used in Excellent.

Signs 50 through 58 are duplicate directional signs (turns). Their inclusion is intended to allow for greater ease of course designing. The signs have to be displayed so that they are visible to the handler whilst on the course. For a design idea check out these from Kelowna. and here are a couple of more ideas.

Beyond the three basic levels, there are also Versatility and Versatility Excellent levels, At this level of competition, dogs have to work on both sides of the handler, changing sides smoothly during the completion of the course. The Versatility level adds signs nunber V1 through V14 and the Versatility Excellent level adds signs number V15 through V24

In all of the above levels of competition, there is also a TEAM competition, where two handlers and their dogs each compete one half of a course. Both halves of the team have to pass their respective sections in order for a TEAM qualifying score to be earned,

Each class description contains both a listing and a detailed description of the exercises particular to that class.

As CARO continues to expand, additional classes may be added. The latest classes are the Working and Working Proficieny Test.